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Gilmore Girls This Or That

made by me, edwardsvamplove, post in a comment here!

1. Lorelai or Rory?
2. Rory/Dean or Rory/Jess?
3. Rory/Dean or Rory/Logan?
4. Rory/Jess or Rory/Logan?
5. Dean or Jess?
6. Dean or Logan?
7. Logan or Jess?
8. Luke or Chris?
9. Sookie or Michel?
10. Sookie or Lorelai?
11. Lorelai/Chris or Lorelai/Luke?
12. Emily or Richard?
13. Lane or Rory?
14. Lane/David or Lane/Zack?
15. Dean/Rory or Dean/Lindsay?
16. Kirk or Taylor?
17. Lorelai/Chris or Sherry/Chris?
18. Tristan or Dean?
19. Paris or Madeline?
20. Paris or Doyle?
21. Jared Padalecki or Milo Ventimiglia?
22. Dean or Clara?
23. Lorelai or Michel?
24. Miss Patty or Babette?
25. Favorite Season (1-7) (Can list them in order)?
26. Clara Forester or April Nardini?

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Jared = LOVE

Supernatural Questionaire

made by me, edwardsvamplove, post in a comment here!

1. Pick an episode from each season
2. Tell what makes it your favorite episode, any reason that you like.
3. Favorite character in episode (can be Dean or Sam), but would prefer another if there is one.
4. Favorite line in the episode.
5. Favorite moment in the episode (can be a touching moment or funny, whatever)

Twilight Questionaire!

made by me, edwardsvamplove, post in a comment here!

Do this for each of these people:
Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Cam Gigandet, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Elizabeth Reaser and Rachelle Lefèvre

1. Are you a fan of him/her?
2. If so, what do you like about him/her?
3. If not, what don't you like about him/her?
4. (Optional) Favorite movie/show besides Twilight with him/her?
Harry- Stroke it

Harry Potter This or That

made by me, edwardsvamplove

1. Harry or Ron?
2. George or Fred?
3. Oliver Wood or Tom Riddle?
4. Severus Snape or Gilderoy Lockhart?
5. Dumbledore (first 2) or Dumbledore (next 4)?
6. Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint?
7. Hermione or Ginny?
8. Cedric Diggory or Harry Potter?
9. Sorceror's Stone or Chamber of Secrets?
10. Prisoner of Azkaban or Goblet of Fire?
11. Goblet of Fire or Order of the Phoenix?
12. Hermione or Luna Lovegood?
13. Tonks or Trelawney?
14. Draco Malfoy or Harry?
15. Sirius Black or Remus Lupin?
16. Snape or Lucius Malfoy?
17. Barty Crouch Jr. or Arthur Weasley?
18. Mad Eye or Dolores Umbridge?
19. Lockhart or Quirrell?
20. Cedric Diggory or Oliver Wood?
21. Harry/Ginny or Harry/Cho?
22. Cedric/Cho or Harry/Cho?
23. Ron/Hermione or Viktor/Hermione?
24. Viktor Krum or Cedric Diggory?
25. Fleur Delacour or Luna Lovegood?
26. Rita Skeeter or Trelawney?
27. McGonagall or Sprout?
28. Voldemort or Harry?
29. Seamus Finnigan or Neville Longbottom?
30. Crabbe or Goyle?
31. Daniel Radcliffe or Robert Pattinson?
32. Books or movies?

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Star Wars This or That

made by me, edwardsvamplove

1. Hayden Christensen or Ewan McGregor?
2. Anakin or Obi-Wan?
3. Episode I, II, III, IV, V or VI? (Can list them in order if you want)
4. Padme/Anakin or Padme/Obi-Wan?
5. Anakin or Darth Vader (know they are the same person, but which way did you like him better)?
6. Luke or Leia?
7. Han Solo or Luke?
8. Darth Vader or the Emperor?
9. R2-D2 or C-3PO?
10. Harrison Ford or Mark Hammill?
11. Leia or Padme?
12. Carrie Fisher or Natalie Portman?
13. Qui-Gon Jinn or Mace Windu?
14. Yoda or Chewbacca?
15. Episode I, II or III?
16. Episode IV, V or VI?
17. Palpatine or Count Dooku?
18. Ewoks or Younglings?

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Pirates of the Caribbean This or That

made by me, edwardsvamplove

1. Jack or Will?
2. Elizabeth/Norrington or Elizabeth/Will?
3. Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest or At World's End?
4. Davy Jones or Barbossa?
5. Pintel or Ragetti?
6. Bootstrap Bill or Gibbs?
7. Governor Swann or Lord Beckett?
8. Tia Dalma or Anamaria?
9. Will/Elizabeth Kiss (Curse of the Black Pearl) or Elizabeth/Jack Kiss (Dead Man's Chest)?
10. Jack the Monkey or the dog in the Jail?
11. Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp?
12. Orlando's lips or Johnny's lips?
13. Orlando's smile or Johnny's smile?
14. Norringon or Lord Beckett?

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Heath Ledger Picspam

On the 22nd, it will be one year since Heath Ledger died. He is still dearly missed, by me just as much as anyone else. I feel for his family and esp. his daughter who lost her dad so young. So I am doing a picspam of him, so that his memory will not die with him. *hugs all*

These were not made by me! But I found them and wanted to add them!

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I still get sad seeing these! He will definately be missed!!!!