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Fave eps. in order

I am going to list my fave ones in order, got this idea from trystan830.

1. HellHouse
2. Phantom Traveler
3. Journey Home
4. Pilot
5. Wendigo
6. Bloody Mary
7. Scarecrow
8. Asylum
9. Dead Man'sBlood
10. Skin
11. Hookman
12. Salvation
13. Shadow
14. Nightmare
15. Faith
16. Something Wicked
17. Devil'sTrap
18. Bugs
19. Provenance
20. Dead In Water
21. The Benders
22. Route 666

You know what I think this is the order that I loved them, but I just don't know. I am confused, but it is pretty close. So yeah! If you would like to tell me yours or how yours differs from mine. Feel free to! OK bye!
Tags: episodes, supernatural

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